Friday, December 7, 2007

67-52 Siena; 4:01 in the 2nd

  • Duell does it on both sides - as he takes the charge and, moments later, hits a three in the corner off of a pretty kickout pass from Hasbrouck. Hawkins answers with a three of his own to keep Fairfield's slim hopes alive. 67-52 Siena.
  • Han fakes a pass, goes to drive the lane, and Duell takes the hit. Offensive foul on Han - and his nose may be hurt again. 64-49 Siena.
  • Hawkins draws a call from the men in stripes - and goes to the line for two shots. He'll make them count. 64-49 Siena.
  • Josh Duell - the Saints' awkward big man - misses a three-point shot from the top fo the arc. The Stags have it with 5:45 on the clock.
  • Nero makes one-of-two - and Grzeck fouls Rossiter as the two fight over Nero's miss under the glass. Two very similar looking guys - in a weird, awkward, Napoleon Dynamite- type of way, if you know what I mean. Tom: "They both look like grammar school kids".
  • Nero goes up strong - and draws a foul. He'll go to the line for two shots.
  • Tay Fisher knocks down a pair of shots from the charity stripe. 64-46 Siena.
  • Herbie gets called for a foul on the floor - the Stags' seventh personal foul. Media T.O. with 7:43 to play.
  • With the shot clock at one, Hawkins has to shoot a deep three from near half court. He misses everything - and Siena gets possession.
  • Crowd seems in a daze. Miserable game thus far for Fairfield - any offensive momentum they've generated has led to a Siena stand.

- Keith Connors

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