Tuesday, December 4, 2007

56-53 Stags; 2:36 in the 2nd

  • Marty misses an open three, the ball rolls out of bounds, no fouls are called, and we have a media timeout. Wa-wa-we-wow.
  • Marty gets a feed down-low and appears to have it, but the ball rolls every which way and finally falls out. Rough break.
  • Caleb Holmes hits a lay-up AND the foul. Yale continues to just hang around - as the Stags have shown some signs of going on a big run, but can't seem to put the Blueshirts away. 56-53 Stags.
  • Edney gets a pair. 56-50 Stags.
  • Aloysius P. Kelly in the house! Gotta love it. APK is a big fan of "The Mirror" - so I'm told.
  • Warren Edney cuts hard for a drive - but Yale meets them with two defenders. They thought they had a jump ball, but the refs thought otherwise. Edney goes to the line for a pair of freebies.
  • Matt Kyle goes to the line and hits a pair. 54-50 Stags.
  • Greg Nero gets called on a shooting foul in the pain. He tries to pull a "David Justice, check swing" routing by keeping his hands straight up - but the ref has made up his mind.

- Keith Connors

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