Tuesday, December 4, 2007

29-26 Yale; :16.4 in the 1st

  • Stags take a 30-second timeout as they rush up-court.
  • Josh Davis misses a turnaround jumper off of a post on A.J., and the loose ball goes out. The refs give it to Yale, and Matt Kyle whiffs an easy lay-in off of the inbound. Phew.
  • Edney pulls the trigger fast, and misses on a three. Yale grabs the board.
  • Anthony Johnson shows why he's such a tease - he corrals a great pass and then hits a pretty baby hook in the lane to go. 29-26 Stags.
  • My agent, Ari, hits one-of-two. Alright, that's enough. 29-24 Bulldogs.
  • Herbie gets called for a hold - and that's the team limit 10 fouls for the Stags. Cooley knows it was a good call and isn't happy. Greenberg goes to the line.
  • Yale turns it over, Herbie crosses over a guy, but the ball still goes out right back the other way. As the book says, "Much ado about nothing".
  • Errant, cross zone pass from Han to Grzeck goes out of bounnds. Stags are getting a little shoppy. Yale Ball.
  • Herbie Allen gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, as Caleb Holmes goes back to the line for a pair. He hits both, and gives Yale its biggest lead of the night at four. 28-24 Yale with 2:40 to go.
  • Ref reverses a call - and gives the ball back to Yale on a "tip out". The Red Sea reaction: "Where's your hair". Very classy, Fairfield.
  • Caleb Holmes banks in his free throw - as the guy behind me yells, "HEY! You gotta call those!" Eh, whatever counts. Second is a miss. FU ball. 26-24 Yale.
  • Back to the drawing board for FU - as Yale decides to take a few moments for a breather on the sidelines. Media T.O. with 3:53 to play and the Dogs up one.
  • Grzeck gets called for a hack on a reach-in.
  • Han misses a long three off of a miss from Grzeck. Yale grabs the board.
  • Garret Fiddler gets the lay-in off of a miss, and then gets fouled by Han. "And one" for Yale, who now holds its first lead of the night. 25-24 Stags.

- Keith Connors

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