Tuesday, December 4, 2007

64-61 Yale; 2:16 in OT

  • Quick stoppage before the free throws.
  • Stags ball off of a pair of Zampier misses. Han hits a cutting Yorel Hawkins - and Yale gets called for a block. Their bench hates it, our bench is feeling the love.
  • A.J. hits one-of-two - and the Stags are down by three. 64-61 Yale.
  • Matt Kyle gets called on the floor for a defensive hold - so Peanut Johnson goes to the line for two shots. Not exactly a bad thing for Yale.
  • BIG stop for the Stags.
  • Ross Morin takes a charge from Jon Han - and Yale is sittin' pretty so far in O.T. A basket here would pretty much seal momentum change.
  • Alex Zampier hits a pretty reverse lay-in that fools three defenders - and then Han turns it over on nice defense from Eric Flato at halfcourt and, very quickly, the Stags are down four in the overtime period. 64-60 Yale.
  • Anthony Johnson wins the tip, and Han corrals the loose ball so the Stags start with it. Errant pass, though, gets picked off an its Yale ball.
  • There must be something about this building: Last season's home opener against America - Coach Cooley's first game - was a double OT loss. Later in the season, the Stags downed St. Francis in overtime. Alumni Hall - at it's finest.

- Keith Connors

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