Sunday, December 9, 2007

3:52 First Half - Stags down 22-14 to Marist

  • Dahlman with two free throws out of the media timeout and she nails both. 18-12 Marist.
  • Wrice with an isolation play and she finds an open jumper, but misses short.
  • Flores with a two pointer, 20-12 now. Marist is pulling away, Fairfield needs to start making baskets.
  • Wrice gets wide open inside the three point line and hits the shot, after it bounces off the rim and straight into the air, 20-14 now.
  • Tight defense by the Stags and Marist is forced to in bound the ball with only two seconds on the shot clock and Johnson throws up a bad shot that doesn't hit the rim, resulting in a shot clock violation.
  • The defense has been good for the Stags, but the offense needs help.
  • Hutch is here now, maybe he can bring some energy to what is a dead arena right now.

-Tom Cleary

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