Tuesday, December 4, 2007

21-16 FU; 7:55 in the 1st

  • After Evanovich checks back in, Flato walks thanks to tight D from Han. Great work.
  • Nero shows us why he's was a MAAC Rookie last season. Nero goes up strong, gets mangled in the process, but hangs in there and finishes. And he gets the "and one" with the added free throw. Great sequence. 21-16 FU.
  • Matt Kyle dunks. Oh, boy. Two point contest here on campus. 18-16 FU.
  • Ill-advises shot from Hawkins. Nero goes over the back - crowd hates it, but the ref made the right call. Let's call that a mulligan on offense.
  • And we're baaaack. Yorel is still on the line, attempting to add to the early Stag lead. He misses long, but the battle for the board goes out. White ball.
  • Yorel hits th first shot to put the Stags up four. At least, that's what we think. A little scoreboard malfunction. Gotta remember folks, all we've had here for the past decade is volleyball and O.A.R.
  • Just as I type that, Han misses a "one and one", but then Nero pulls the board and it eventually ends up with a foul on Yorel Hawkins.
  • With Han on a backdoor cut, Han gets called for a hold. You can see FU's game plan with this team: make them run, push the tempo. So far, they've gone that - but haven't converted on offense.
  • Nice D from Evanovich, and Yale coughs up the ball with 9:20 to play in the first.
  • Marty gets called for a reach. He and Cooley thought it was a push off. Actually, to be grammatically correct, it'd be Cooley and he. My apologizes. 4 fouls on FU, and the Bulldogs keep the ball.
  • Pair of missed threes (Evanovich for Fairfield, Eric Flato for Yale), leads to a Marty offensive foul on a hard pick. Ouch. Yale ball.
  • Edney misses short on a three, and the ball bounces out in favor of the Blueshirts. Yale ball.
  • The stands are filling in nicely - as Tom and I predicted. That gives new meaning to the term "Pre-game".
  • "Hey, fans: don't forget to grab some popcorn. Indiana Kettle-corn at the concession stand. The official popcorn of University of Fairfield Athletics!" Huh?

- Keith Connors

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