Tuesday, December 4, 2007

17-14 FU; 10:57 in the 1st

  • FU ball, media times.
  • Marty O'Sullivan gets the prestigious award for the "Blue Moon" moment of the night - he hit a three. Yale answers right back. 17-14 FU.
  • Another offensive foul on a pick and Yale has got to be kidding. Alex Zampier makes amends by driving home a steal from a lay-in. 14-11 FU.
  • Marty gets to the f-line on a foul. After he air balls the first, he misses ugly on the second. Somewhere in Miami, Shaq is smiling proud.
  • Travis Pinick makes a nice, athletic play for a tip-in off of a Morin miss. 14-9 FU.
  • Nick Holmes misses a three - the Bulldogs are getting a little too trigger-happy with the three ball early on. Evanovich gets the board and push it, but Nero gets called on an offensive foul on a questionable call.
  • Morion miss, Hawkins rebound, quick push, Nero miss, Nero rebound, Nero make. Me like. 14-7 FU
  • Herbie Allen hears the women's team counting down for him, and drains a deep, J.J.-like three from the top of the arc. Nicely done, sir. 12-7 FU
  • 00 Ross Morin (I hate #00 - reminds me of UNC (Brandon Haywood, for those of you at home unfamiliar with ACC b-ball) way too much) gets called on another offensive foul. Third Yale turnover on offense because of a foul .
  • After a dominant 9-2 start sparked by freshmen Warren Edney and Yorel Hawkins, Yale has gone on a 5-0 run. Oh, boy. Heads up for Cooley's jacket.

- Keith Connors

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