Tuesday, December 4, 2007

44-39 Stags; 11:37 in the 2nd

  • Garret Fiddler hits a high-percetage hook by the baseline - and then the Stags get called on an offensive foul in the lane. Sensing that it's starting to slip away a little, Cooley calls for a timeout.
  • Nero works hard as anything - misses his initial shot but follows it up with a conversion "and one". 44-37 FU.
  • Ross Morin hits a jumper in the paint following a foul on the floor from Yorel Hawkins. 42-37 Stags.
  • Han pushes the rebound and hits Nero, who lays it in easily. 42-35 Stags.
  • Yorel Hawkins gets a wide-open look. He lines hit shot, sets his feet, NO ONE comes out to get him, and he makes them pay. He buries the three and increases the lead to five. 40-35 Stags.
  • Pep band, crowd, Coach Cooley - they're all into it. Can Fairfield go on a run? Let's find out.

- Keith Connors

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