Tuesday, December 11, 2007

16-13 BC; 7:41 left first half

  • Stags leave Mickel Picco open for a three, but she can not connect and Caskin grabs the rebound and pushes the floor. Chris Simmons was looking at timeouts left when he informed me the Eagles had five fouls, its actually four.
  • BC ends a scoring drought for both teams as Swords scores again, giving her eight points and cutting the lead to 11-10. On the other end the Stags turn the ball over, as Caskin is trapped along the sideline.
  • Frager tells Caskin "We need the ball, go get the ball."
  • Picco with a floater from midrange giving BC the lead back, 12-11
  • Wrice steals the ball and drives the floor and draws a foul from Brown and goes to the line for two. Now BC has five fouls.
  • Wrice hits both and the Stags re-take the lead 13-12.
  • Flaherty comes in off the bench and fouls Murphy down low. Murphy misses the first free throw and connects on the second to tie the game at 13 all.
  • Werts is short on a three and BC pushes the ball, but then slows the pace and finds Murphy on the block. She uses her size to back down Flaherty and scores, drawing a foul in the process and going to the line. Murphy hits the free throw to complete the old-fashioned three point play and give BC a three point lead, 16-13.
  • Shyrell Moore, in for the Stags, slashes to the hoop and misses a layup, but Stephanie Geehan cleans up and is fouled on a putback, going to the line for two free throws after the media timeout.
-Tom Cleary

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