Sunday, December 9, 2007

35.6 Seconds Left First Half- 26-18 Marist

  • Caron hits two free throws for Marist to extend the lead to 10, 24-14.
  • Fitz picks up her second foul and puts Geehan on the line. She misses the first, but connects on the second and Fairfield cuts the lead to 24-15.
  • Strong defense by Fairfield, Marist doens't get the ball up the court until 17 seconds left on the shot clock and a missed shot by Dalhman gives the ball back to the Stags.
  • Baendu Lowenthal has been on the bench for most of the game, not sure why.
  • Meka Werts hits an open shot, 24-18 Marist, Fairfield is crawling back.
  • Caskin with a steal for the Stags.
  • On the other end Flaherty drives the baseline, but steps out of bounds, and turns the ball back over. Fairfield is really missing Lowenthal.
  • Dahlman scores inside 26-18 Marist.
  • Frager calls a timeout.

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