Friday, December 7, 2007

55-44 Siena; 11:55 in the 2nd

  • Marty throws some 'bows underneath as Kenny Hasbrouck attempts a three. The refs call a foul on the floor. Media T.O.
  • Just as I type that, Siena banks one in off of the glass. 55-44 Siena.
  • Han makes amends by draining a long-range, J.J.-like three. 53-44 Siena.
  • Han gets greedy and tries to block Alex Franklin - and he gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Franklin hits the shot and puts the Saints back up by twelve. 53-41 Siena.
  • Alex Franklin drives the lane and gets a shoulder from Anthony Johnson. Franklin goes to the line for a pair. He connects. 50-41 Siena.
  • 48-41 Siena with 14:16 to play - for those who are keeping score at home.
  • Kenny Hasbrouck does what Siena has done all night - hit a big shot after a FU basket. They've done a fantastic job of ensuring that the Stags do not score multiple baskets in a row - so far we've had no Fairfield runs.
  • Herbie Allen goes to the line - and he'll knock em' dead. 45-39 Siena.
  • Han plays catch with A.J. on in-bound pass. Peanut hits it while in the air. On the other side, Kenny Hasbrouck nets a jumper. 45-37 Siena.
  • Herbie gets more P.T. at Warren Edney's expense. Gotta go with the hot hand.

- K.C.

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